Bits and atoms are one

Imagine a world in which everything you own, can become anything else.

DigiAtoms programmable matter system consists of triangular electromagnetically connected elements that can be re-assembled into any desired shape.

A new kind of matter to create 
a new generation of objects

DigiAtoms programmable matter allows for creating new kinds of shape-shifting objects. From objects responding to our actions (a cup opening when lifted) to objects reacting to changes in temperature, light, etc., it revolutionises the way we interact with the world
around us.

Download a design to create an object you want

DigiAtoms system allows to download, customise and instantly materialise objects from an online database.

Radical recycling  
Re-usable matter for your every need

DigiAtoms ability to be re-assembled endlessly, creates a radically sustainable but enjoyable lifestyle - everything we own, can become anything else.

Sorry, but this might not be the future

As you are reading this, the European Commission and European Parliament are working on a copyright law reform that will keep Europeans stuck in the analog age. If adopted in its current shape, the reform may thwart development of modern solutions in education, creativity, commerce, media or healthcare.