Touch the digital for real

Imagine experiencing your vacation memories with the feel of beach sand in your hands.

DigiDermis system allows you to record & digitise high-resolution, detailed tactile information about any real world object. You can then share experience of shapes, textures or temperature with other users
of the system.

Record & share your tactile experiences
with virtually everybody

DigiDermis gloves allow you to record and store in digital format tactile properties of any real world object - its shape, texture, elasticity and temperature - for you or other DigiDermis users to experience it anytime and anywhere. DigiDermis is a platform for preserving and sharing tactile data.

A platform for creating brand new experiences

Explore endless possibilities of augmenting and mixing tactile experiences. Give a real cup a furry texture, combine touch properties of solid steel with the nimbleness of a leaf. Or create totally artificial tactile sensations from scratch - your imagination is your only limit.

Experience tactile properties of virtual objects directly on your skin

DigiDermis gloves integrate electrovibration engine and electropolymer actuators to translate information about tactile properties of virtual objects into realistic sensations of tactile feedback that you can experience directly on your skin.

Sorry, but this might not be the future

As you are reading this, the European Commission and European Parliament are working on a copyright law reform that will keep Europeans stuck in the analog age. If adopted in its current shape, the reform may thwart development of modern solutions in education, creativity, commerce, media or healthcare.