A lifelong learning experience

Imagine a world in which everyone has access to high-quality education. Everyday.

DigiTutor is a lifelong learning education device providing knowledge when and how you need it most.

DigiTutor uses data accessible online to encourage you to learn and expand your knowledge every day.

DigiTutor consists of a communication component worn behind an ear and a detachable micro-drone scanning the surroundings to provide context-relevant information.

Your private teacher 
- with you everywhere you go

DigiTutor is a learning device independent from classroom environment. By providing educational content related to its user’s immediate surroundings and suggesting new knowledge based on earlier interactions with the device - DigiTutor enables lifelong education. Anytime, anywhere.

Artificial Intelligence -
a teacher able to answer any question

DigiTutor uses data available online and Text&Data Mining algorithms to find and provide most relevant knowledge related to its owner’s current and future needs. By mining data from recognised scientific databases and educational content, to films, pictures and voice, DigiTutor gives you a holistic educational experience.

Studying best ways to help you learn

Every interaction with DigiTutor makes it understand its owner better and find the most efficient ways of presenting educational content in line with individual learning capacity. From assessing talents of a child to building on previous knowledge of a senior person, DigiTutor changes the way we understand education as a lifelong challenge. Individual DigiTutor Learning Plans can be further customised by users or with guidance from educators using DigiTutor community.

Sorry, but this might not be the future

As you are reading this, the European Commission and European Parliament are working on a copyright law reform that will keep Europeans stuck in the analog age. If adopted in its current shape, the reform may thwart development of modern solutions in education, creativity, commerce, media or healthcare.